My journey

For several years, my everyday life was something quite different from the reality I live in today.


I struggled with severe brain fatigue due to a concussion. It affected me both physically and mentally. My everyday life was extremely limited. I barely managed to perform simple, basic everyday chores. My simultaneous capacity was non-existing, I had difficulty reading books and my energy level was very low. At minimum load, I got a headache. The healthcare advised me to rest, and soon I became an expert within that area. I rested according to all the rules of art but nevertheless the progress shone with its absence. The experts I met in the healthcare doubted that I would ever regain my old self or be able to return to my work.

The biggest problem was my brain fatigue. It made me incredibly sensitive to stress and all kinds of sensory impressions. As an educated (and working) nurse I’ve got experience with stroke patients and were able to recognize many of the symptoms I was fighting. The healthcare had nothing to offer since I had no physically measurable injuries.

It was a long and arduous road to recovery, but with diet and lifestyle changes I went from being 100% sick to fully recovered today.