Supplements and tests

The range of supplements is large and it can be difficult to navigate around in. There are many different factors that determine whether a product is right for you. Content, ie raw materials, substances and concentration, are some factors that are decisive for the quality of the product. When you have to choose, it is required because you have knowledge of how the body works, reacts and interacts on different topics. If you lack knowledge, there is a great risk that you buy a product that does not match your needs. The result can then be that you do not get any effect from the supplement at all.

When choosing supplements, keep the following in mind:

Effect: What do you want to achieve or what symptoms do you want to influence via the dietary supplement.

Bioavailability: Can the body assimilate the substances in the product?

In a consultation with me, you get suggestions on how to cover your nutritional needs through the food you eat, if you need, you also get suggestions on what supplements you can take to improve / optimize your health.


Clients often want to know exactly how they are at different levels in order to optimize their health based on this. I have access to a number of different test options, ranging from tests that only measure a simple value to advanced DNA tests. The cost varies from a couple of hundred kronor to a couple of thousand, all depending on how wide and nuanced you want or need to test.

I have spent a lot of time getting to know and compare different products and have chosen to work with companies and producers that I trust. My collaborations allow me to offer my customers favorable prices and discounts.

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Image by Kayla Maurais