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What does the word health represent to you?


To me, health is above all freedom. Freedom to live my life without physical and mental limitations.


However, just a couple of years ago, life was very different from that.


I suffered a concussion and as a result I got severe brain fatigue. My everyday life was filled with limitations, even the simplest chores got me exhausted. I couldn't bear to read and even the thought of going to work was unimaginable. The prognosis given by the doctors did not predict too bright a future. Read more


But today, I feel better than ever. I have long dreamed of creating the platform that I was lacking myself during my period of sick leave. Now my dream is finally about to come true. I welcome you to navigate further, and please follow both my blog and my newsletter.


Take care,

Marie-Louise Strandberg

Health Coach & Nurse

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Mental fatigue

Mental fatigue is not a diagnosis, but an umbrella term covering a variety of different symptoms and conditions. Sometimes other words such as brain fog, lack of energy , extreme tiredness, and fatigue are used to describe the condition. It can be difficult, both for the sufferer and the people around, to relate to mental fatigue.

It is important to understand that it can not be compared to the tiredness experienced by a healthy person. Mental fatigue is in a completely different dimension.

Mental Fatigue, Basic level

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Meditation - Mindfulness

One way of dealing with stress is trying to live more in the present by practicing mindfulness and meditation exercises. These tools can facilitate a balance in your everyday life. Most people think meditation is about sitting with their eyes closed in a Lotus position, but it may also be listening to music, going for a walk or painting a canvas.


Everyone benefits from having a higher level of calmness in their lives, but if you suffer from brain fatigue or other stress-related issues, meditation - in its many different froms - can be the key to feeling better. If this is uncharted waters to you, it is highly important to understand the concept and to find your own way.

To be continued..


Chronical illness/symptoms

Our wellbeing is largely affected by how we decide to live our lives. The things we eat, our stress-level, physical activity and sleeping pattern all have a great impact on how we feel. By changing our lifestyle and adjusting our everyday lives, we are able to affect a lot of diseases and symptoms that are said to be chronic.


A high blood-pressure, type II diabetes, allergies and gout are some examples of conditions we can affect. The road to success is not about extreme diets or tough work-out programs, but rather to establish healthy habits and make changes that are reasonable in a steady pace.

To be continued…

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